Thanks, links and origin of photos

During the eight years of research and study which made possible the design and building of Glann ar Mor, we have been lucky in being able to benefit from advices, encouragements and help from friends, from professionals or from organisms, to which we are deeply grateful. Even if it is not possible to mention them all, we wish to express here our thanks to a few of them.

L'Université des Eaux de Vie de Segonzac
Where we have ben able to discover that one may learn on spirits as much through their similarities as through their differences, specially when they have in common to be matured in oak casks.
And life in Segonzac, in the heart of the "Grande Champagne" vines, is so pleasant...

The indispensable actors of the economic life, who favour with such efficiency the developpment of companies in Brittany, and who for the distillery strongly contributed towards turning a project into a reality :

Le Conseil Général des Côtes d'Armor

Le Conseil Régionnal de Bretagne

La Chambre de Métiers des Côtes d'Armor
And particularly Marcel Courtas and Robert Roche

The specialised whisky online shop from celtic Whisky Cie :

And below, a few website from "Trégor" or from Brittany which you may browse, for a better knowledge of our region or simply for pleasure :

Evasion Celtique
An open door towards the Celtic and Breton musics and traditions, to be accessed on the site of Celtic Whisky Cie.

La Nébuleuse
A former dundee tunny boat originating from Camaret, for a wonderful sailing in the Bréhat archipelago and around

A sardine boat originating from Douarnenez with a superb "silhouette", for fishing or sailing in starting from the harbours of Paimpol or of Lézardrieux.

Brest 2004
The 2004 edition of the great international feast of the sea and of sailors.

Le Festival Interceltique de Lorient
The festival of worldwide reference for Celtic music.

Le Festival de Cornouaille
The festival of the Celtic musics which is held in Quimper.

Ar Men
The reference magazine about Breton history, cultures and traditions (In French only).

An Tourtan
Website about cultural exchanges and promotion of Breton culture.

La Communauté de Communes de la Presqu'île Sauvage
Website gathering and presenting the seven parishes of the "Presqu'île Sauvage".

We thank the
Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center ( for the sumptuous satellite photo of Brittany (ISS002/ISS002-E-9053), Yannick Giquel for his beautiful aerial views of the isles and lighthouse of our immediate environnement and F. & F. Cadic for the photography of the Nébuleuse.

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