We thank you for taking a note that the 2012 offer for "En primeur" Quartaut casks of Kornog is closed. A few casks will be made available during the first part of 2013. If you are interested, you may send us an email at [email protected] in order to receive advanced information in due time.

Your own "en primeur" cask of Kornog whisky
Glann ar Mor distillery offers every year a limited number of "en primeur" Kornog casks which are reserved to private individuals.
An order can be passed only by a person who is of the legal age requested for buying alcohol in his own country as well as in France (currently 18 years).

Validity of the offer
The distillery's production capacity is quite limited, our priority being to build stocks of matured whisky for our own needs. Thus, the offer can be closed at any time without advance notice and orders are strictly limited to one cask per buyer.

Ordering a "Quartaut" 56 litres cask
1) Download the order form with the purchase agreement by clicking on this link (link is activated only during the period of validity of the offer).

2) Return to the distillery the order form together with your payment.
3) We send you the order acknowledgement to confirm your order
4) Your whisky will be distilled specially for you, then put to ageing in the distillery's bonded warehouse situated right by the sea.
5) Once your "Quartaut" will have been filled, we will send you the presentational certificate of ownership detailling the cask number together with a photography. Your "Quartaut" will be made available to you once it will be 3 Years Old.

You have also the possibility of paying your cask online with our webshop Tregorwhisky. On receival of your order form, we will email you a direct link allowing you to connect on the special page in which you will be able to make online securised payment.

You will probably find the answers to the questions you may have on the FAQ page. If not, don't hesitate to contact us.

56 litres "Quartauts" from Burgundy origin
Those 56 litres casks are specially made for us by our cooperage, from staves of French "barriques" having previously held a white wine from Burgundy

"Quartauts" casks having just been delivered by the cooperage

The limited capacity of the 56 litres "Quartauts" provides a very favourable ratio of wood surface/volume. This ratio, combined with the intrinsic quality of the casks themselves and with the geographical situation of the distillery's bonded warehouse, allows for a high quality of maturation within a relatively limited period of time.

As a matter of fact, Glann ar Mor distillery and its warehouses are just facing the sea and enjoy a mild and maritime oceanic climate, recognized as being the most favourable one for ageing whisky casks

Once it will have completed its ageing period in the distillery's warehouse, you will be able to collect your cask and bottle it yourself or to have it bottled by the bottler of your choice. We may be able then to offer the option of having your cask bottled by the distillery for you (see FAQ - § 7 "Bottling").

Apart from the specificities of the cask and of the climatic environment of the warehouse, the character of the whisky is naturally also strongly influenced by the quality of the distillation, which represents the first step of its long making process. To know more about the philosophy and the methods which prevail at Glann ar Mor distillery this domain, we invite you to browse the page The philosophy

Frequently Asked Questions

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