Fom Isle to Isle and from Whisky to Whisky

In the Brehat archipelago during the 1st May weekend

A one off visit of the distillery

A very special cruise and a Whisky Diner

On the "Nebuleuse", old sailing tuna boat

Organized by Glann ar Mor Distillery

Saturday 30 April 2011

225 Euro/person


02:00 PM : welcome to "Glann ar Mor" and visit of the distillery. Tasting in the warehouse directly from the casks.

04:00 PM : meeting in the harbour of Lézardrieux situated about 15mn away from the distillery.

04:15 PM : boarding on the "Nebuleuse", former Dundee tuna boat of 89 tons, 19 meters long and 6 meters wide, built in 1949. His captain Cedric Lagrifoul, Martine and Jean Donnay welcome you aboard and make you discover this beautiful old fishing boat.

Sailing down of the Trieux river towards the sea, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. The volunteers will help to haul up the sails when the boat will reach the estuary, in front of the small fishing harbour of Loguivy facing the isle of Brehat, so that all sails unfolded the Nebuleuse can start its navigation in the unique surrounding of the 96 Islands of the archipelago (discover it on this satellite photography). The crew will share its passion for the traditional sailing and the history of the sites.

08:00 PM : dinner is being served, the dishes make their appearance under the watchfull eyes of seagulls.

Jean describes then the aromatic profiles of the whiskies, whereas Martine explains the harmony between the selected whiskies and the country dishes. As the night slowly comes, oil lamps light up the deck of the "Nebuleuse", contributing to the unique character of the atmosphere...

At the end of the evening : return by night, being guided by the lighthouses which mark out the archipelago and the estuary of Trieux. How is it possible not to imagine that the Nebuleuse and his crew are sailing in other times and in another world...

Midnight : mooring in the harbour of Lezardrieux and say good-bye to the Nebuleuse, being back to the "dry land".

Price: 225 Euros TTC/person

Reservation : by phone on (33) 2 96 16 58 08 or by sending the booking form to be downloaded here. Online secured payment via this direct link to the webshop. You may also contact us if you prefer to pay by a bank transfer. In order to guarantee optimum comfort abord the boat, the number of available bookings is limited to 24.

Online payment : directly from the dedicated webpage in the online shop at

Acomodation and getting back home safely : list of taxis, hotels and guest houses availableby phone on (33) 02 96 22 16 45 or on the website of the Wild Peninsula (in French only, llok at "Hebergement" and do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email in case of need).
Phone : 33 2 96 16 58 08 - Email : [email protected].

The three captains of the cruise :

Cap'tain "Whisky" : Jean DONNAY

En1997, Jean created Celtic Whisky Compagnie. He specialized first in double maturation whiskies, having been the first one to use Sauternes casks, a practice which is now used by several famous Scotch distilleries.
In 2005, after more than nine years of preparation and of work, Glann ar Mor Distillery which he created started its production of Single Malts, with the un-peated expression named "Glann ar Mor", and the peated expression named "Kornog". Jean is naturally accompanied by his wife Martine, who has imagined this dinner and is organizing it

Cap'tain "Sailing" : Cedric LAGRIFOUL

From 1992 to 1999, Cedric made a beautiful job of restoring the tuna boat "Nebuleuse" which was built in 1949. Since then, he sails in the Brehat archipelago of which he knows every nook and creek, and also in the Channel Islands, on all the coasts of Brittany and on the Atlantic coast.

Cap'tain "Gastronomy" : Jean-Rene COUDRON
Since 1994, Jean-Rene is at the helm of the company "La Maison Coudron", a renowned caterer which is very keen to emphasize the qualities of local country products. The "Tour de France à la Voile", "La Course du Figaro" sailing race and the well known football team "En avant" from Guingamp, are amongst others trusting him.

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